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At Trase, we believe that one should not have to choose between comfort and style. Our footwear delivers on both these qualities while being lovingly crafted by hundreds of craftsmen from different cities in India.

Choose from the wide variety of footwear that we provide for women and kids of all ages. Be it our specially formulated orthopaedic line, our running shoes or the trendiest of our shoes, you will never complain of blistered toes or hurting heels. Experience what it means to look stylish yet walk comfortably.

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What Makes Us Different?


Rock The Party

But stay comfortable doing it.
Block, kitten, and stiletto heels to elevate every look!

Kids x Trase

Cool Kicks for Cool Kids

Get your kids ready to rock the playground with shoes that combine style and comfort.

Hear it from the Trase Tribe
Hear it from the Trase Tribe
The best non-slip sandals I've ever purchased is this one. Best for monsoon weather. The look is extremely nice. If you actually wear floaters, this one is both fashionable and cosy. Highly suggested.
— Hir
Hear it from the Trase Tribe
The product is excellent and fits well; the quality is also excellent.
Worth the money spent.
— Monica
Hear it from the Trase Tribe
An excellent product that is also quite comfy. The straps are sturdy and the sole is comfortable. The colour is amazing.
— Bibu PP
Hear it from the Trase Tribe
After using these boots on my vacation to the mountains and hills, I can say they are lovely boots that fit well and are sturdy and durable. Extremely cosy and suitable for use in rough terrain.
— Rhea
Hear it from the Trase Tribe
The copper colour is stunning and shiny, making it ideal for weddings or festivals. I absolutely adore these shoes since they are so comfy and have a soft heel that can be worn for more than 6-7 hours straight. Girls, buy it; you won't regret it.
— Meenakshi J
Hear it from the Trase Tribe
The best shoe I've ever owned—very cosy, true to size, lovely colour. Eager to make the same purchase once more. I'd advise everyone to purchase shoes from Trase.
— Rudrani Sarkar
Hear it from the Trase Tribe
This is my second purchase of the same product. It is really comfortable to wear. It is very soft and reasonably priced in comparison to other branded ortho shoes which are expensive and gives the same comfort level.
— Shweta Sajeev
Hear it from the Trase Tribe
Worth the money...high tops that are stylish and comfortable. I'd strongly suggest these. Satisfied with my purchase
— Sravya
Hear it from the Trase Tribe
It was all there; comfort, softness, and good value. Thanks to TRASE and Amazon, and keep up the good work.
— Divya
Hear it from the Trase Tribe
When I first ordered this item, I was hesitant about the size, but when it arrived, the fit was great, so I was happy. As mentioned in the description, it features a comfortable cushion. Lightweight in feel. It gets 5/5.
— Pooja

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